Saturday, October 3, 2009

So proud!!!

Just a quick note to talk about my kiddos! As most of you know, they started a new school this year. It's a charter school so, it's a bit different than standard public schools, and it's been quite the change! This is the first year our kids have actually been held accountable for their work, actions and non-actions. Not to say that they have ever had problems in the past (proud to say that teachers loved having my kids in their classrooms). But, it's been a challenge.

Haleigh, surprisingly, adapted very well. She's not a huge fan of change but, she's done it. And done it well. A+'s in all subjects!!! SO PROUD!!! And the teacher said that she is a model student! I just love that I can count on her for that!

Dakota, well, it's been hard. He's never really taken a test other than standardized testing for the state. He had NO clue how to study. And, didn't realize that if he didn't answer questions, it actually counts against him. This has been his downfall. He had A's in all classes but one. He had a C in Social Studies. All because of tests. But, I'm very proud to say that he has worked VERY hard and has brought that grade to a B! And, he still hopes to make at least an A- before then end of quarter! I wouldn't doubt it if he did. When he gets something stuck in his head, he doesn't stop!

Okay, so maybe not so quick! But, what can I say?!? I'm proud of them both!

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