Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Random post...

Okay, so I haven't put the pictures on here, like I said. Hopefully, I'll get to that tomorrow. Anyway, I'm just sitting here thinking about how funny Haleigh is and decided that I really need to keep record of her little tidbits. Here's one example: Recently, I walk into her room to find her night stand by the door, with her rocking chair in front of it and a pad of paper with a pencil. As I proceed to look around the room, I found a "kitty condo", some cat toys and a blanket strewn about here and there. I asked her what she was doing and her response was, "I'm evaluating the cats. This is where I observe them." What 7 year old knows and understands what "evaluating" is? She was so serious too! Cracked me up! Anyway, I just thought that I'd share that little bit. I will try to post more random posts, about what goes on in the Stiner household. Maybe a few pics too.

Hope you all have an excellent Tuesday!

Friday, December 5, 2008

Christmas is almost here...

and man, have we been busy!!! It seems that Dakota left for DC in October and we just haven't stopped going since!!! He did get back, safe and sound, with 500 pictures in tow. He passed and now has 55 high school credit hours. I couldn't be more proud!!! Halloween followed quickly after (I'll post those pics later). Then, out of town I went to scrapbook with some people from work for a whole weekend. We get back to work and all hell broke loose. Our systems were down, basically all week. We had to go back and re-enter about 2 weeks worth of data. It was AWFUL!!! But, I'm thankful for my job! Thanksgiving weekend was long and wonderful but, was over much too fast (I'll post some pictures of that too)!

Now, it's that time of year. The time where your house is glowing with sparkly decorations and twinkling lights. I love this time of year! We've got a good jump on shopping and I have some crafts that I'm trying to finish up. This weekend, we're going to finish with the decorating and head to a tree farm in the middle of nowhere to cut down our tree. It's supposed to be cold, with snow but, I'm sure that we'll have fun!!!

I'll post some recent pics later tonight (or this weekend)!