Saturday, August 29, 2009

2 weeks down...

So, the kids have been in school for exactly two weeks! I think this new school is wonderful and I think that it was totally worth the effort to get them in there. The first week was a little rough for Haleigh. She sometimes struggles with change. She went from a school with 30 kids + per classroom and 150 + students per grade (just in her building). She is now in a class of 25 students (which will be the max) and her class is the only 3rd grade class. She was in our bed almost every night for the first week. She made friends immediately but, she still had a hard time. Dakota...didn't bother him one bit!

Two weeks down and Haleigh has already been invited to a sleepover birthday party. She has several friends in class, including a boy named Malcolm that says he "loves her". Cracks me up! Dakota has also made some good friends. He knows one of the boys from his old school that's in his class. There are actually 2 6th grade classes of 25 each and there are a couple of girls in the other class from the old school. He also has his first official girlfriend. Wow. He's growing up so fast!!!

September is almost here and I can feel fall coming on. Love this season! I'm ready for the cooler weather! The thought of apples, colorful leaves, blue jeans and sweatshirts are swimming through my head! I just love it!!!

I'll be posting again soon! Promise!

Monday, August 17, 2009

The Indiana State Fair and first day of school...

Does anybody else love going to a fair??? I LOVE it!!! We go specifically for the yummy food and to see all of the animals. Lucky for us, our state fair is 10 minutes away! This year, we went early enough to see the donkeys and mules, including a "Zedonk", which is a mix of a zebra and donkey. He was super cute! And , we ate a little bit of everything!!! We even tried some deep fried cookie dough this year and it was actually pretty darn yummy! The "new" weird fair food of the year was chocolate covered bacon. I saw it, saw somebody eat it, heard them say it wasn't bad but, I have NO interest in trying it. Sounds disgusting!!! So, we enjoyed lemon shake-ups, corn dogs, pork bbq, italian sausage, fried cheese, elephant ears and shaved ice. All of which were fantastic!

So, today is the first day of school. We decided to pull our children out of our public schools, due to the fact that the teachers are basically glorified babysitters (soooo many behaviour problems in our school). They are going to a local charter school. I've heard great things about charter schools in general but, especially this one. We just can't afford private school so this is the next best thing. I can't wait to pick them up and hear all about their first day!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009


I'm trying this again. Trying to be good about blogging. I know that I really don't have much to post about but, who cares, right?!? This is a way for me to vent, babble and whatever else I need to get me through the days!

So, I give this blog thing another chance! Wish me luck!