Friday, April 25, 2008

Old favorites...

The blog challenge this week, posted by Carla at SAL, was to talk about an old favorite piece of clothing, one that you just can't part with.

I really don't have anything that I can't part with now. I used to have lots of t-shirts, mostly Grateful Dead and a few other concert tees. I would hold onto these t-shirts, until they were no longer wearable. Usually the t-shirt had some kind of memory attached to them but, they were usually super comfortable too! After I got married, and had my first child, I finally let them go. I really wish I would've kept some of them, just for memory's sake!

Now, I just have a couple of sweatshirts that I love. I keep them purely because they are comfy.

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Tulips and stuff

My favorite flowers have now bloomed and it's finally Spring! I love these tulips. They completely remind me of my childhood. My Grandma had red ones in front of the front porch. I planted these a couple of years ago in my flowerbed, in memory of her. They've come back, once again, as beautiful as ever!

Now for the stuff part! I took this picture of Haleigh yesterday as we were getting ready to leave for a couple of hours. It's so "her"! She had to have her hair "just so", a glitter butterfly tattoo put on her arm and her mp3 player w/ headphones in her ears. She sang her songs the entire time we were on the road. She can be so cute!

Saturday, April 19, 2008

He's 10...

It's official! My little boy is in the double digits! I still can't believe it! Yes, it's been over a week but, I'm still in disbelief. That's all I have to say.

I've been tagged...

by Carla! I'm supposed to name 7 weird/unusual facts about me...

Here it goes:

1. I hate to drink soda out of a plastic bottle! It's so gross! It must be fountain or out of a can!

2. I can't stand watermelon. Actually, I don't like any kind of melon! Nobody understands this. Not even myself. I've only known one other person that feels the same way about it!

3. I love fishing! But, I refuse to touch the fish/worm/minnow, or anything slimy and gross!

4. I have Sir-Mix-A-Lot's "I like big butts" on my ipod and I actually listen to it! Loudly while singing all the words!

5. My husband and I share a matching scar on the side of our wrists that we got when we were kids. We also both have an uncle that is a year younger than us. And, while he lived in Cape Coral, FL (he was originally from Indiana), so did my cousins (that were also originally from Indiana). They all moved back to Indiana close to the same time. We were meant to be!

6. I can't watch scary movies. They make me sick.

7. I sing the most random songs throughout the day. Especially at work. It's pretty much my goal to get at least one other person singing whatever it is that I'm singing (oh, and my voice really sucks).

It looks like pretty much everybody has been tagged. If you haven't or, you've forgotten to do this, TAG!!!

Monday, April 14, 2008

Okay, so I totally suck when it comes to my blog!!! I've been told to update it so, I will be...this weekend...promise. I need to make it a point to try to post AT LEAST once a month!!!

So, be looking for updated posts...soon! Maybe I'll even take on some of the blog challenges on Scrap-A-Latte!!!