Friday, April 25, 2008

Old favorites...

The blog challenge this week, posted by Carla at SAL, was to talk about an old favorite piece of clothing, one that you just can't part with.

I really don't have anything that I can't part with now. I used to have lots of t-shirts, mostly Grateful Dead and a few other concert tees. I would hold onto these t-shirts, until they were no longer wearable. Usually the t-shirt had some kind of memory attached to them but, they were usually super comfortable too! After I got married, and had my first child, I finally let them go. I really wish I would've kept some of them, just for memory's sake!

Now, I just have a couple of sweatshirts that I love. I keep them purely because they are comfy.


Carla said...

I so love comfy sweatshirts that get softer as they wear..

AliciaSharp said...

I don't have a problem parting with clothes either! I have a blanket my great Gma made. Now that I would have a problem getting rid of! It is torn and tattered but I don't care!