Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Scrappy goodness...

I have finally been feeling scrappy!!! I'm not sure where it's coming from but, I'll take it! Actually, it's probably the fact that my kiddos only have one more day of school, which means our kitchen table doesn't necessarily need to be clean every day for them to do their homework at (which is where I scrap). Yes, that means we eat together in the living room but, we're okay with that!!!

Anyway, I have completed another page for our Florida vacation album from last summer's trip and, I have even started on Dakota's Washington DC album (from his solo trip in 2008) - and it's even a 2-pager! Oh, and I've done one for Haleigh's Chicago trip (loved the picture that much!) and a page for my S. Carolina trip from forever ago...I think in 2003.
Here's a couple of my latest:

So, summer is here (at least temperature wise). The kids' last day is tomorrow and I will officially be the parent of a 7th grade middle schooler...man I feel old...and a 5th grade honor student (she's SKIPPING 4th grade - crazy, I know - I wouldn't choose this route if we were in a big school but, lucky for us, we aren't). Anyway, we don't have any huge plans this summer, since Brian's knee will still be recovering from surgery. I hope to go camping at least once and maybe even go down to Patoka Lake to spend some time on my parents' boat.

I'll be posting again...hopefully sooner, rather than later! ;)