Saturday, March 28, 2009

I promise...

to update this dang blog more often! Geesh! Once a month just isn't enough. I think that I might go for every Saturday. That's my new goal. We'll see how that goes!

Well, it's almost the end of March. Holy cow! And the economy still bites. Recently, the company I work for, has had to take certain measures to keep us going (and not implementing any layoffs). It started with the managers taking a 10% paycut in January. By February, they decided to have the plant work 4 - 10 hour days, combine third shift into second. I work in the office so, I have to be there 5 days. They also chose to do a 6 week rotation. Everyone is "laid off" 1 out of every 6 weeks. And, on top of that, we all get a 10% paycut. Well, half way through our first rotation, they decided they needed to take more drastic measures. We are now on a 4 week rotation (40 people are on every other week rotation) and management is taking a total of 18% paycut. And, the dollars still aren't looking good. It's really kind of scary. Lucky for us, my income is definately the secondary. We can survive without it.

Anyway, onto happier subjects! The kids and I are off all this week! Woohoo! Lots of cleaning of closets and under the beds this week. And lots of hanging out! I hope to get lots of scrapping done! My 1st week off, I managed to get 9 layouts done! Here area few of my favorites:

So, here's to another week of unemployment!