Sunday, April 20, 2008

Tulips and stuff

My favorite flowers have now bloomed and it's finally Spring! I love these tulips. They completely remind me of my childhood. My Grandma had red ones in front of the front porch. I planted these a couple of years ago in my flowerbed, in memory of her. They've come back, once again, as beautiful as ever!

Now for the stuff part! I took this picture of Haleigh yesterday as we were getting ready to leave for a couple of hours. It's so "her"! She had to have her hair "just so", a glitter butterfly tattoo put on her arm and her mp3 player w/ headphones in her ears. She sang her songs the entire time we were on the road. She can be so cute!


Carla said...

The tulips are a wonderful rememberance of your grandmother! And Haleigh is a doll!

AliciaSharp said...

I love any kind of flower. Peonies remind me of my grandmother. They were her favorite. Haleigh is adorable! She looks just like you!!

Shannon said...

Haleigh looks so cute! Great picture!