Tuesday, September 8, 2009

I love 3 day weekends!

I love them for more than the fact that it's three days off of work! I love that it's only a four day work week afterwards, which totally rocks in my opinion!

It was, overall, a nice relaxing weekend. Brian got our bathroom floor finished (a project that's been in limbo for months), he replaced our crappy basic brass ceiling lights in the front entryway and in the hallway and, we were able to just be lazy! Haleigh went to a hotel party sleepover on Saturday and Sunday morning, that's all we heard about! Obviously, she had a great time! Sunday night, my sister and brother-in-law came over. Alyssa needed a little bit of help on putting together some invitations then the rest of the evening was spent scrappin, while the boys played video games. It was a great time and I actually managed to get two layouts done!!! I'm really happy with the "She's got style" layout. It's so Haleigh right now! The "good times" layout, well, let's just say that I suck at titles and I can assure you that I will use this title several more times!

On another note, school is in full swing! The kids are doing really well so far! Dakota is struglling a bit with remembering to bring things home. At his old school, they rarely had tests or any "at home" work. Mostly because a lot of the kids would totally fail if it were left up to the parents to help them at home. Now, it's the opposite. He's getting A's and B's so far in everything but Social Studies, where he has a C+. But, we're working on that. It all has to do with learning how to study for tests. I know by then end of the quarter, he'll have all A's and B's. I know my kid. Haleigh, on the other hand, is thriving even more now than ever! She is getting straight A+'s in all subjects! I'm very proud of both of them!

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