Thursday, September 17, 2009

American Crafts and sickies...

First, I want to post a layout I did in response to another American Crafts challenge that was posted on their blog. The challenge was to create a layout about school and use 2 American Crafts products. I had the PERFECT picture of my son from the end of the school year, last year. Here's what I came up with:

I used American Crafts pattern paper from their "kids" collection. I also used patchwork fabric thickers (love these things!), AC clear remarks journal sticker and the apple is from the American Crafts Craft Fair collection.

Now, onto the sickies. So, I went away for the weekend with my Mom, sister and her Mother-In-Law (pictures will be uploaded later). I get back Sunday night and Dakota said he wasn't feeling very well. He ended up having a fever of 101. And, it pretty much stayed that way for 2 days straight, with some nasty coughing. Tylenol knocked it down, then it went right back up. He did get back to school on Wednesday and he has had a TON of homework! So, Tuesday, Brian wakes up and is sicker than a dog! And, it's not even the same thing as Dakota! Here it is Thursday, and he's still miserable. I'm ready for the weekend and I'm ready for everyone to be back in good health!

I'll post again maybe this weekend with pics from the weekend trip!

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