Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Been busy!!!

Well, this last couple of months have been say the least!!! We celebrated our 10 year anniversary, which we decided to celebrate with a night away in Brown County.

Then, we celebrated Haleigh's 6th b-day. She was so excited to have family over and have her very best friend stay the night. She decided on an ice cream cake from DQ, which was SUPER yummy!!!

Next, came the 4th of July. We took the kids to the parade, which was Haleigh's first, and had a blast! The kids LOVED getting candy and seeing all the different floats and people involved. It was great!

Other than those events, we've just been busy, getting ready to start school. So, I've been trying to do things with the kids, these last couple of weeks, before they start daycare and I get a job (I've been a SAHM for 6 1/2 years). Here's a picture of Dakota with his best friend, Marcus, at the pool.

Also, I was lucky enough to meet a lot of my online friends from SAL!!! Brian and I took the Megabus to Chicago for the weekend of July 19-22. I went to CHA and met the SAL girls, while Brian hit the city of Chicago. At night, we all got together and had a BLAST!!! I can't wait to see everyone again! I really do wish that we lived closer! The husbands weren't in this picture but, here's all the girls!

Oh, and one more thing! We have a new addition to the family! Charlie! He's our now 9 week old kitten and is a BALL OF ENERGY!!! He's attacking my fingers, at this moment, while I type! He's lots of fun! Nala, our 11 year old cat doesn't care too much for him but, he and our dog, Chloe, are good buddies! And, he loves the kids! He's really been a great addition to our family.

Okay, so all that being said, this is my excuse for not being on here that often. I will *try* to blog a bit more, now that it looks like things are settling down!!!


AliciainAsheville said...

Love all these pics and you really have been busy!!

Carla said...

Whew! you made me tired just reading about all your activities. I look forward to all of us being at the Sweetest Retreat in October! See you then!